A task marketplace that offers seamless services to both the givers and takers of listed tasks on its platform without hassle or stress as regards tasks listing or for completion of listed tasks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the freelance industry by building a robust decentralized freelance marketplace community of task seekers and task listers with the application of blockchain technology to solve the common problems of traditional gig platforms. 

We intend to simplify how freelancers and clients interact using reliable technology to keep in check and to track the progress of both parties in a fair and standardized modus operandi for the satisfaction of all platform users.

Telostask Platform

Telos Task is a peer-to-peer freelance marketplace that utilizes blockchain technology and allows those who need tasks completed (task givers) to connect with gig workers (task takers) from anywhere in the world.

Task Token

The Telos Task economy runs on the TASK token. The Task token will be used for the listing of tasks, as a small percentage is required for task listing and also as a payment gateway between the Task Givers and the Task Takers within the Telos Task ecosystem. It will also be used to purchase other service features like premium task listing, advertising and more.


TelosTask team is committed to building decentralized applications. They are known for making life easy for their users and also applying unique methods to their strategy.